Four-Faith digital video recorder has 8-channel industrial video encoder provides the best video quality on the market, with a smaller bandwidth requirement than other video compression standards. In addition, to meet various video stream requirements, the digital video recorder supports dual video streams using H.264 and JPEG compression formats. What's more, the rugged industrial design, which includes a -35 to 75°C operating temperature range, IP30 form factor protection, and industrial certifications, make our DVR highly suitable for use in harsh environments.

Industrial Digital Video Recorders

  • F-DVR200 Industrial Digital Video Records
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    F-DVR200 Industrial Digital Video Records

    • Dual simultaneous H.264 and JPEG video streams.
    • Built-in high speed LTE, HSPA+ support.
    • HDMI output at up to 1920×1080P.
    • Rich of ports: 8-channel industrial, 2 RS-232/485 serial ports, 8 ADC, 6 DI, 4 DO, Can bus, HDMI and so on.
    • Power-off protection avoiding key data from loss.
    • User-friendly GUI providing easy and flexible operations.
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