Four-Faith’s F-R100 3G/4G Industrial Router for Malaysia Juicer Monitoring
Four-Faith’s F-R100 3G/4G Industrial Router for Malaysia Juicer Monitoring
Location / Country : Malaysia
Product Solutions:
F-R100 3G/4G Industrial Router

Project Introduction
At the beginning of 2016, Four-Faith work with a technology company in Malaysia-- one of our cooperation partners, to cooperation on juicer auto monitoring project, to do a pilot in several factories.

System Requirements

·Intelligent juicer controller
·Industrial WCDMA cellular terminal device
·Data management center

Requiring wireless router with industrial design, resistance of high temperature and low cold, to ensure stable work throughout the year. Responsible as the data transmission bridge between the intelligent front site and background system.

Four-Faith Solution

Auto Juicer monitoring system brings great convenience and for juice processing plant . Auto Juicer monitoring system is composed of three parts: Management Center, Intelligent juicer controller, Four Faith cellular router. Customer is now able to establish the final connection between central control and their remote site with an open, industry-certified, robust networking solution. The Four-Faith F-R100 3G/4G Industrial Router as well as the entire Four-Faith wireless product, prove that remote data acquisition don’t always require a complex and expensive solution.

The topology as below :



Why Four-Faith

High-Availability Wireless Control

·Provides data transfer function by public cellular network,
·Maximum security transmission in real-time.
·Support for remote maintenance, remote parameter configuration.

Four-Faith Benefits

· Wide Operating Temperature: -25~+65ºC (-13~+149℉), applicable to most of harsh environments.
·With small size 157x97x25 mm, support embedding.
·Low consumption: <250mA (12V)
·Widely power supply: DC 5~35V

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