Distribution Area Intelligent Applications

Release time:2017-12-29

Intelligent distribution area refers to the area from the high-voltage a single distribution transformer high-voltage stigma to the user's power supply area, by the distribution transformer, intelligent power distribution unit, low-voltage lines and user-side equipment. Intelligent distribution area is the right solution for allocation of electricity, energy metering user safety, power quality management, remote control, data acquisition, data statistics, equipment condition monitoring, power status monitoring, security, communications and others.

Distribution Area intelligent applications


     1. Remote system-wide monitoring, improve the level of intelligent inspection:
     The use of advanced Internet of Things, the Internet and cloud computing technology to achieve the monitoring of electrical equipment operating conditions, electricity information and condition monitoring, electricity environmental monitoring, security monitoring and so on.
     2, No dead ends monitoring:
     Surveillance coverage of the entire district power supply area, the monitoring equipment is not limited to the electrical equipment around the distribution transformer, but includes all the user-side equipment needs to be monitored within the power supply range, such as rural power grid secondary leakage protection switches, electric vehicles Charging pile and distributed generation equipment.
     3, Operation and maintenance APP tools are used to facilitate local operation and maintenance:
     Intelligent distribution terminal built-in WIFI hot spots, users can view the device health status through smart phones, modify device operating parameters, receive alarm information and control on-site equipment.
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