Remote Monitoring for Transformer

Release time:2015-12-20

Background Introduction

Failures and accidents can not be all avoided due to transformers’ long-time operating. The reason cause transformers’ failures and accidents are various, so there is urgent practicability and importance in correct diagnose and prediction on failures. Through the detecting module of characteristic gas, the density of characteristic gas can be detected, and then data are sent to control module through CAN cable. Based on setting, the control module judge if transformer has failure, then send data to monitoring center through Four-Faith F2114 IP Modem, thus to realize the purpose of remote monitoring.
Remote Monitoring for Transformer

Why Four-Faith?

1. Multi-center transmission: support multi-center transmission at the same time(5 data centers), easy for all managing departments to gain data and perform efficient management.
2. High sensitivity when receiving signal: with higher data receiving sensitivity, so strong signal can be quickly received even in mountainous area where signal is weak, thus enabling stable transmission.
Lightening and moist-proof, Four-Faith low consumption wireless communication terminal F2X14, has related improvement in lightening and moist-proof, which can effectively reduce the lethal damage to equipment caused by lightening.
3. SMS alarm: message will be sent to responsible personnel when equipment is abnormal, convenient for their quick response.
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