Wind Power Wireless Monitoring Application

Release time:2015-04-16

Background Introduction

Wind power generation system is usually installed in harsh environment, has stringent requirements on the stability of the device. Four-Faith F2114 IP Modem offers a variety of data and signal interface to communicate with fan PLC, bus units for wind farm. Real-time monitoring and updating the data and PLC parameters, wind towers and meteorological data access and output signal and access signal through alternate digital I/O and analog I/O. Therefore, F2114 IP Modem can be deployed to monitor the entire wind power generation system and send feedback to data center by mobile operator network, and to receive real-time data transfer instructions and manage configuration instructions to complete remote data transmission and monitoring tasks.

Why Four-Faith?

1. High environment adaptability: Four-Faith products are with wide temperature design, damp proof, lightening protection, able to work stably in a variety of harsh natural climate.
2. High signal sensitivity: scattered distribution of the fans in remote areas, Four-Faith products with higher signal reception sensitivity, can quickly get the strongest signal, to ensure data stable transmission.
3. Low power consumption: with a variety of active mode (SMS, telephone ringing, serial data), to minimize power consumption, energy saving, to adapt to different power supply.
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