Fault Indicators Market Demand Increased Significantly

Release time:2018-01-04 13:45:49

China has built 2 large-scale network reconstruction project and invested millions of dollars in building the state recent years. However, the accelerated economic development has also come out of a series of "electricity shortages" that have been put forward for more than 100 years at the same time. The scale of power investment, and the distribution industry is closely related to the economic losses are also increasingly developed, market demand, which is greatly increased fault indicators.
The fault indicators of manufacturing enterprises and the related technologies have not been developed for a long time. However, driven by the development of high and new technologies, the production failure indicators have been continuously increasing and dozens of manufacturing enterprises have been established. Higher technology products, according to the needs of users to produce products, the introduction of new products are also increasingly high frequency, most manufacturers based on their own programs and research results, introduced their own products, and some products even with international advanced technology.
At present, there is a strong demand in the national market. Since many of the power lines still fail to monitor power line faults, they still rely on manpower to maintain the lines, but the situation will gradually improve in the future.
In the national guidance document of 2004, it is suggested that the condition of the power unit be the on-line fault indicator. Since there are many lines in the operation system of the distribution network, the operation mode is complicated, the workload of the maintenance of the management line is large, the trouble inquiring takes time and effort, and the power Low reliability, fault indicator can make up for the above failure of power failure inquiries, save time and effort, in order to quickly query the point of failure, rapid restoration of power supply provides a strong guarantee.

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